Thursday, August 9, 2007

Light at the end of ..............

Ooh my God! Its August. When is the last time I was here? June? Damn. Hey, who said blogging is easy!

But am back -again- and with mad psyche. Revamped business and its starting to catch up. Redid my site so its no longer "Mteja". Things are looking up :-)
Hey, check out the site. Am not offering web-design services to clients so don't think I'll be judged harshly coz of aesthetics. It'll do for now. Check out the News section to keep upto date with the latest in the Kenyan ICT news.

Remember the back to school initiative I had in June? The results are out, and am in!! Well God is great. Got a call from the university. So every Saturday am in class. That gives me time to work on biz all week. Never underestimate your parents intuition.

So am still here. For you who thought I was just another statistic, well, am not going down easily. Am here. Thanks for those who posted comments (1!) and for the emails. Keeps me going.