Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Bank

Its been four months down the road and still the bank hasn't come through. Well, honestly speaking, I hadn't applied. I applied exactly 15 days ago. And to open a business bank account in most banks in Kenya (all?) you need someone to recommend you. So, hey, we recommended ourselves! as we already had bank accounts there.
My company's co-director also had to sign the bank forms. But his signature didn't match the one on his specimen. So there goes another 3 days.
My recommendation approval on the other hand took an interesting turn. I had a students bank account opened 15 years ago in a town 40Kms away from Nairobi. By the 10th day they hadn't responded. I had to go to that specific branch and inquire. They found that the account was still a student account though I had changed it from a student account eons ago.
So today, I went back to check on the progress of the business account. My recommendation had gone through but my co-directors was yet to come through.
Another day waiting. (16)

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