Thursday, June 14, 2007

Step 3 (Keep it close)

With my new idea in my head, I sat down. A lot of patience was required. I had to come up with a system. This system uses special hardware which is not available locally! Once the system is done, I have to package it into a business format and then I have to sell it. This is not done overnight.
Keep it close. If you've got an idea that you think is unique. Please unless its your business partner, don't tell anyone. I decided I will stick it out and develop my idea and when its done, that is when I'll announce it. For people to clone it, they'll take the same amount of time that I took and thus I'll always be ahead.

I sat in front of my computer and day after day I clicked, selected, cut, paste, read, asked questions etc. I used (still do) get into the office at 06:00 hours and left at 20:00 hours. Eyes and back straining. In the mean time, Ryan walks in, we chat a bit, he goes about his business. Day in day out- Weekends and and public holidays too.
Once the program was done, it was time to bring in the hardware. Three weeks ago, I imported the hardware. I configured them and made sure everything was running. Finally, the last component -locally available- remained. It was expensive but God has mysterious ways of enabling people.Thomas Edison -I think- said that "The harder I work, the luckier I get". I'll say amen to that. Because, during this time, blunders by my stock broker -selling my last remaining stock when I hadn't said so!- gave me the money I required just when I required it!
The world will create way a way for a man with a mission. That mission does not have to be shared by anyone else, its you who's go to know what mission it is, and then believe in it.
So, I got the last item and stuck it in and watched my system respond. But alas, if everything were that easy, everyone would be rich.
The gadget failed. Totally. For three weeks I redid my program, asked questions, tried all possible scenarios but it just refused to work. So, now, change of game plan. As we speak I have made an arrangement -same favors I was talking about- and I have one last option this coming weekend. I pray to God it works. Because from there, the IT ends, the business begins.
In the mean time, am doing more research and doing small time IT stuff by the side to cater for transport costs etc. My friend -name to come later- I owe you big time. If it were not for you, I wouldn't be sited here. If you were not there to give me directions, samples and just plain old pep-talk, I don't know how I would have managed. So yes, Keep your Friends Really Close.

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