Thursday, June 14, 2007

Step 1 (Do something)

Trying to get things into perspective here.
In college, your typical dude. Played soccer and then rugby -am 5.7" and weigh less than 60Kgs! Grades were good so I was pretty cocky about getting a job. While on a study abroad stint in Japan, I took an Entrepreneurship class. This was just for the sake. The lecturer, Prof. Doss, gave us a test to see whether one can be an entrepreneur, I think I got the lowest grade! But I remember the Prof saying "this is just a test, it doesn't mean much. It was just a way to get you interested in the class". But it was in my psych now. No way could I get into business.

On flying back to Kenya in early 2006, there came one friend by the name Anthony Gatungu. He used to read all this self help books (hope he still does) and just as we were chatting he said, "hey, I got some really nice books here. Check out Rich Dad Poor Dad by Kiyosaki and Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson". Lets just say from there life would never be the same again.
I won't go into the details of Kiyosaki -some love him (I do) some don't. I got what I could get from the book and never looked back.

Straight from graduation, I did a stint as an IT support Intern at the High Court. The pace was too slow -Did I mention there was no pay? But the advantages were enormous. So a lesson here, It don't matter what your doing as long as your benefiting from it. Fringe Benefits. This could be learning new stuff, making contacts, free meals! etc.
But at the high court, I got some crucial stuff. One, it was kinda slow so I got plenty of time!
Two, there was in internet connection and boy, do I owe it to Larry and Sergey of Google. With the internet, the world is but a mouse click away.
Three Contacts. I met some crucial lads there who I pray we will interact more as time goes by.
But with Google came all this opportunities that could stir me deep down. But then, I remembered Kiyosaki quoting some fellow to the extent that "don't do something if you don't understand (love) it" Think its Warren Buffet.

As I was thinking of business ideas, get rich quick schemes came up. SMS technology was the in-thing. We came up with ideas to do stuff but one after the other they went up in smoke. Phuh!

So naturally, as an Information Systems Graduate, the best service/product I could offer was what I was trained in and luckily, what I loved doing. I was still at the High Court, so in I went into Google and got all this info on business plans. Took me a cool three months to write it. I meant to use it for guidance, and also to borrow funds from family but when I sent it, nobody even read it! Naturally, no money came forth.

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